Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options – Vehicles are subject to the terms of the contract and are subject to the following excesses. These optional extras are for drivers 21* and older and for ALL vehicle models.

The Platinum Guarantee discount will be available at $39.99 per day (see below) for all bookings made on or after September 1, 2023.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

We will continue to honor all bookings that have purchased our Platinum Guarantee discount until 31 August 23:59 AEDT at $34.99 per day (click to view).

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4. Where you can and cannot use the vehicle Our main concern is to ensure your safety, we limit where our vehicles can be used because we know these areas have difficult driving conditions.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

Special offers, discount codes and any other promotions or offers provided by us may be withdrawn at any time without notice and may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

If you read these terms, you will notice that there are some terms that appear regularly in this document and these words or phrases have a specific meaning each time they appear and you should familiarize yourself with them;

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

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Administration Fee means up to $65 including GST for administrative costs associated with the rental.

An authorized driver is any driver of the vehicle approved by us and registered with the Rental Agreement prior to the start of the rental.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

Damage means any damage to the vehicle, including its parts, components and accessories, which is not considered wear and tear and, for the avoidance of doubt, damage to the windscreen, headlights, headlights or tires which renders the vehicle impassable is not wear and tear and to tear

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Increased Damages means the maximum amount, including GST, that you must pay to us in the event of an accident resulting in loss or damage to a third party, or in the event of theft of the vehicle.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

End of Rental means the date and time specified in the Rental Agreement or the date and time the Vehicle is returned to us, whichever is later.

GPS device means a GPS or other vehicle-mounted device that has electronic tracking capabilities.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

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Loss of use means our losses, calculated daily at the daily rate specified in the rental agreement, due to the repair or replacement of the vehicle if it has been written off due to an accident or has been stolen.

Off-road means any area that is not enclosed or enclosed and includes, but is not limited to, dirt roads, fire trails, paths, rivers and tides, creek beds, beaches, creeks, dams, rivers, flood waters, sand, deserts. , rocks, fields and fields.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

Hire Charges means the charges payable for the hire of the Vehicle from us, together with GST and any other taxes or charges, all of which are set out in full in the Hire Agreement.

Products And Services

Lease Term means the period beginning at the time specified in the Lease Agreement and ending at the end of the Lease.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

Third party damage means loss or damage to a third party’s property, including other vehicles, and any claim for loss of income of a third party.

Damage to a vehicle means any damage to a vehicle caused by or resulting from contact between the underside of the vehicle and any part of the roadway or any object or obstruction, including due to a collision with another vehicle.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

Terms & Conditions

An unsealed road means a road that has been properly graded and constructed but not covered with a solid material such as tar, bitumen, asphalt or concrete.

Vehicle means the vehicle described in the Rental Agreement and includes its parts, components and accessories, including GPS.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

We, Us, Our Funds Value Car Hire Australia Pty Ltd ABN 34 115 153 930 or if the vehicle is our luxury class it means Eden Rose Investments Pty Ltd trading as U R Drive ABN 26 638 810 465.

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Wear and tear refers to the normal deterioration of a vehicle due to daily use. For more information, see our termination instructions.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

You, your is the person, whether an individual, company, corporation or government agency, who rents a vehicle from us and whose name appears on the rental agreement. Budget Car Rental offers a range of car protection plans to give you peace of mind when travelling. Whether you’re on a business trip or on vacation with the family, Budget offers a variety of car insurance options. These protection plans are designed to limit your financial liability in the event of an accident, theft or damage to your vehicle. In addition, Budget car rental insurance also includes accident and incidentals insurance, giving you extra protection in the event of an accident. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of Budget car rental insurance, including the coverage options available, costs, and benefits. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of budget car rental protection programs and how they can benefit you when traveling.

Budget Car Rental offers a variety of rental car protection plans to suit your needs and budget. Below are the different insurance options offered by Budget Car Rental Insurance:

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

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Your financial collision coverage essentially covers all car damage and vehicle theft at no cost to you or your insurance company, provided you were not driving in an illegal manner.

Excess Reduction, a package offered by Budget, reduces the surcharge for most cars to £0. The daily charge for this service is £22 – £37 per day. It is important to note that the excess reduction fee may vary depending on the location and type of vehicle used. It is recommended that you contact Budget directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on excess curtailment charges.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

Budget rental car insurance options can vary by location, so it’s important to check with your local budget office to see what plans are available to you. It’s also important to note that rental car insurance options aren’t mandatory, but they do provide added protection and peace of mind when driving a rental car.

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It’s important to note that while Budget doesn’t have specific insurance requirements, they may require you to meet certain qualifications, such as a valid driver’s license, a minimum age, and a credit card in the renter’s name with available credit to cover rental costs. and possible damages or recoveries.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

The answer to the question “how much does Budget car rental insurance cost?” may vary depending on coverage options selected. Budget offers four main types of auto insurance coverage, including collision damage coverage (CDW), accident and effects coverage (PAE), supplemental liability insurance (SLI), and an emergency medical plan (ESP).

Although the collision damage waiver is part of your rental fee, it is subject to excess. If something happens to your rental car, you are financially responsible for this excess, which is between £1,000 and £1,500.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

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Excess reductions are available for £22 – £37 per day. When you purchase rental car insurance, the excess can be eliminated and reduced to zero for just $6.49 a day* up to $94.90 for annual coverage.

The windscreen damage waiver protects you from being charged if your taxi’s windscreen is broken or cracked and costs €3.36 per day.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

The Accident and Consequences (PAE) insurance option protects you and your passengers against accidents, personal injury and loss of personal property and costs €5.00 per day.

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The Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) coverage option provides coverage for loss or damage to others and starts at $14 per day.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

The Emergency Insurance (ESP) option provides medical and emergency coverage in the event of illness or injury during the rental. ESP protection from Budget costs $5 per day.

It is important to note that these prices may vary by location and other factors, and additional fees or taxes may apply. When renting a car from Budget, customers are encouraged to review the different protection plans and their costs before choosing to ensure they have the right protection for their needs and budget.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

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Additional insurance for a 10-day rental car in Europe will cost $64.90, compared to $305 for an equivalent policy from Budget. Total potential savings: $240.10.

Finally, budget car rental insurance offers a variety of coverage options that can provide financial protection and peace of mind while traveling. You should carefully consider each insurance option and compare it to third-party rental car insurance to choose the best option for your specific needs and budget.

Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

It’s important to note that Budget car rental insurance is optional and you can opt out if you have your own insurance or prefer to take the risk. However, it is recommended that you carefully consider your options and make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase rental car insurance before renting a vehicle.

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Budget Car Rental Insurance Options

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