Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center – Often when we go to the doctor, we wait, wait for them to call us, wait for service, wait for the doctor, wait for the next steps. We wait!

Many times our guests here at OAK are waiting, waiting outside to be put on the service list, waiting in our lobby for their name to be called, waiting to tell us their story, waiting for their documents to be returned, waiting to be checked. May and they are looking forward to the next steps towards stability.

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

When we go to the doctor, we usually wait in the lobby, there is usually a TV or a magazine or something to entertain us while we wait. Sometimes we talk to others, engage in interesting conversations, meet new people and tell our stories. It can be a story about why we are there, a biography or just a story about our day. However, the waiting room always feels like a place to share stories.

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The OAC lobby is different, no TV, not really many magazines to keep your attention, just others waiting in similar situations. Natural conversations often happen, guests tell each other where to buy something to eat, where to take a shower, even how to find a place to stay. Stories of struggle, triumph, victory, loss and trauma are most often shared. The OAC waiting room is a place of comfort, care and conversation. The waiting room is a place of peace, a place to sleep, a place to rest. The waiting room is a place of hope, a place of help, a place where you feel at home. The Waiting Room is a place where you can freely and safely share your story while you wait.

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

Since my job is primarily to serve guests by checking their email, I zero in and make it my mission to live up to our value statement.

Dignity.” Many days it can be very hard because someone needs something and it just isn’t given, and in some cases I see it never being given. It’s hard because often all I can do is try to be patient , listen and be kind. if they can accept it. I am a person who is generally gifted at remembering a person’s name or face. Remembering a person’s name or face often makes them feel seen by our guests. It also provides a sense of respect and dignity for their I like to engage guests about what they might be looking for if they come in frequently and seem to be looking for something specific. Often through conversation I find out that the guest was expecting a menu, and as we communicate, I understand that we may have more for various reasons. some steps. They may need to apply for a card if they previously had one, or an interview with DCFS may be required. When our guests arrive, they often have a lot on their minds that can lead to steps in the process. By making it my daily mission to bring a value statement to life, I can often help get someone back on track.

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

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It took me three hours and 20 minutes to walk 10 miles today. And these are some of the things I have left:

I had good shoes and socks on the way. On the way I had plenty of iced tea to drink and food at the Cliff Bar. I walked along Mission Bay with people driving and parking their cars or walking from nearby homes. We enjoyed a beautiful Southern California day to be outside.

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

It was probably about five miles in that my legs started hurting and I thought it wasn’t much fun. At mile seven I was able to stop and grab a fresh iced tea and go to the bathroom in a clean and safe place.

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When I was done, I was very aware that because I had an iPhone and could call someone I loved in advance to have them wait for me at home, I knew I could walk into our house and know my partner. , Laurie, the partner, made me a tall iced tea I could walk into our bathroom, grab an ice pack or two and put my feet up. Soon after, I was able to take a nice shower and put on some clean clothes to watch some college kids play basketball in a tournament.

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

I had a hard time walking 10 miles today. Now my legs and lower back hurt. I am aware of all the privileges that accompany me on this walk today. Thanks to OAC, I mean more realistic and practical ways to see yourself walking in another person’s shoes.

Day to show my support and solidarity with the homeless I serve every Monday by volunteering at Central OAC. Yes, I walked 10 miles this morning, but no

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

Annual Report — Bayard Rustin Center For Social Justice — Provides Advocacy, Education, Safe Haven & Community Activism For Lgbtqia, Transgender, Immigrant Children, Youth, & Families, Led By Chief Activist Robt Seda Schreiber

To begin with, I walked in nice, almost new, right-sized running shoes, with warm merino wool socks. Many of the guests I see are wearing ill-fitting, worn-out ones

Shoes and new socks can often be used. When I finished my walk, I came home, showered, and put on clean clothes, which is not easy for people living on the streets (or as our admission papers say, “a place not intended to live”). ).

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

For the past two years I have been walking on beautiful spring days, unlike today when it was cold. Fortunately, I was able to layer appropriately for the cold weather. I only had a hydration pack and my phone with me. In addition to walking miles every day, people experiencing homelessness often do not have clothing appropriate for the weather and are

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It was still dark outside when I started my walk, like many of our guests, but I left inside

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

A warm house and a good night’s sleep in bed, not sleeping outside in the cold with one

Eyes open to make sure no one stole my things while I tried to rest. I had too

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

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We can offer our guests lunch or at least snacks upon arrival for services. I knew I had

Family and friends and a church community that I could call on when I needed help. To the question

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

As I walked this morning, I had time to think about how much I don’t walk in the footsteps

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I could volunteer at Central Outreach & Advocacy and hope to be there every day

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

To help every guest I work with get the services they need. Yes, I walked 10 miles, but not really

“in their shoes” but I’m grateful I can still walk 10 miles and grateful for the insights because discredited right-wing video producer James O’Keefe and his organization Project Veritas have released a new video spreading voter fraud conspiracy theories targeting some of the most about the most vulnerable Americans and their right to vote.

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

University Of Central Florida

The two-minute video, released Jan. 4, raises concerns about homeless advocacy groups in Georgia allowing homeless people to use the groups’ addresses to register voters ahead of Tuesday’s state Senate runoff. O’Keefe’s group is known for infiltrating progressive organizations and campaigns and secretly filming people associated with them and then heavily editing the footage to suggest wrongdoing.

Attacking people experiencing homelessness is a common practice in right-wing media: Fox News has demonized the homeless in its coverage of the pandemic in 2020, often using coverage of California’s homeless as a weapon against Democrats ahead of the November election. The new Project Veritas video is just the right-wing group’s latest attempt to demonize vulnerable populations and the people who try to help them.

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

The video itself contains secretly recorded conversations with two people believed to be leaders of the Atlanta homeless advocacy organizations Central Outreach and Advocacy Center (Central OAC) and Emmaus House. In the clips, both interviewees mention that their organizations allow homeless people to register to vote at their organization’s addresses, even though they don’t actually live there. Project Veritas claims this is a pathway to voter fraud, suggesting, without evidence, that out-of-state people could be voting in Georgia because of the practice.

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In reality, it is common for people experiencing homelessness to register with a mailing address for a shelter, advocacy center, or other place where they can receive mail. Residence is required for voter registration, but the lack of a permanent address does not exclude a person from voting. All 50 states allow non-residents to register at addresses where they do not permanently live.

Central Outreach And Advocacy Center

Sylvia Albert, Director of Voting and Elections for Common Cause, assured Media Matters that “the homeless have to be right

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