Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale – The video above is a sample of the type of vehicles we sell….sorry to say they are all sold.

1955 Dodge WDX Power Wagon 4X4 w/Braden winch, great running engine, new master and wheel cylinder brake lines, good serviceable tires, electric fuel pump, cleaned gas tank, new fuel lines, new safety glass on windows, rebuilt carburetor, spare. Includes tire, some body repairs…no bad rust, new wood bed, great project, title, $29,500. Click here for more images

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

A “real” 6×6 wheel drive Dodge. and personal vehicle with great running 1942 WWII Dodge WC-62 6×6 combat-rims w/good tires, xlnt. Body/sheet metal, engine starts easy….no smoke, good brakes, good troop seats in bed, cargo bed top ribs (canvas only needed), spare tire with mount, 2 candies with clamps, good military marks, has title will be $29,500 David, 714 310 9934, [email protected], Indio-Calif., Click here for more pictures

Which Military Vehicle Would You Want For A Memorial Day Parade?

Very nice running 1953 Dodge M37 4×4 Braden winch with orig. T245 engine and only 19,760 miles on it, old restoration (only rust in front of headlights), new upholstery seats & brake master & wheel cylinders-lines and hoses, cleaned fuel tank, new fuel lines-ecup. Fuel pump, orig. Includes 24 volt system (2 new 12 volt batteries), orig. “Snorkel” air cleaner, new windshield glass, gas tank with bottle, removable military hard top, troop seats in bed (new wood), spare tire included, windshield fold down hood (like Jeep), data plate to match frame VIN, title, $18,500 .

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

1949 DODGE POWER WAGON 4X4 FIRETRUCK (BRUSH FIRE TRUCK), EXCELLENT CONDITION…NO CANCER, GREAT RUNNING/DRIVING/BRAKING, EASY STARTING ORIG. T-137 engine, xlnt upholstery, new tires, front axle hubs, siren, spare tire, multiple hoses, working pump/valves, front bumper and light rings chromed, Texas Fire Department title, more pictures available. $59, 500. David, 714 310 9934, [email protected], Indio Calif.

With great patina….and some orig. OD paint, marked military police, 2 wheel drive, excellent running orig. 218 engine (starts easy) and 4 speed transmission, new brakes….brake lines….master and wheel cylinders, new windows, new upholstery, new wood floor, drives great, new fuel lines and options. Gas pump, gas tank cleaned, title and bill of sale, $28,500. Click here for more images

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

Dodge Wc 12 For Sale On Bat Auctions

1942 Dodge WC-53 Carryl 4×4 w/xlnt. Body, origin. T-214 Good Running Engine, New: Brake Master and Wheel Cylinders-Brake and Fuel Lines-Electrical Fuel Pump-Battery-Water Pump-Front Seats Reupholstered, Valve Job, Rebuilt Carb, Nice Metal Roof, Spare Tire Mount Moved Back. Includes driver’s door, interior panels, working regulators and new windows, new wood floor, title. $29, 500. Click here for more pictures

1968 Dodge Power Wagon WM300 “last year” production, has run-drive-brakes, working Braden MU2 winch, 251 ci engine, 4-spd “all synchronous” transmission, low-high range transfer case, new windows, new upholstery. , solid floors, new battery & mains. 12 volt alternator/starter, new wood bed floor, new master and wheel cylinders, new brake lines, new electric fuel pump and lines, rebuilt carburetor and cleaned gas tank, title, $35,900.

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

1962 M37B1 (Vietnam era) 4X4, good running/driving weapons carrier, orig. 230 ci T-245 engine, 4 speed “all synchronous” transmission, good brakes – with new master and wheel cylinders – brake lines – option. Fuel Pump-Rebuilt Carburetor-Cleaned Fuel Tank-New Fuel Lines, Excellent Body Metal, Orig. 24 volt system with new batteries, good upholstery, with title, $11,950 Click here for more pictures

Keep Your Jeeps, We’ll Take One Of These Ww2 Dodge Wc Power Wagons

Historic Dodge Power Wagons for Sale in Indio, CA Please scroll down to view historic Dodge Power Wagons for sale in Indio, CA

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

Please take a look at our long list of 4×4 trucks available from the venerable 1946-68 Dodge Power Wagons that date back to WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War era and WWII trucks. Call us at 714-310-9934 or email us at [email protected]. We can also help you arrange transportation with one of our car carriers. Also we can deliver to Los Angeles port for export overseas.

Note: Prices are subject to change…while we work on them. We need to check the electrical on our trucks….many have old roots. Wiring

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

Surplus 1942 Dodge Wc 25 Radio Reconnaissance Command 4×4 Car In Twin Lake, Michigan, United States (govplanet Item #7558972)

1978 Toyota FJ40 Rock-crawler with 350 engine (4 bolt main) runs great. Transmission SM465. Toyota transfer case. . It has 4:10 gears (Dana 60 front with Lock-Rite performance lockers (shortened to fit), 6 lug 5.5 pattern wheels, rough-stuff steering, Dana Power-Lock carrier with new Timken bearings and races, Crown Performance . Steel alloy lines , rear axle stock FJ40 and 10″ (wheelbase 100″), new spring hangers, disc brakes, 14 bolt lockers on both rear axles, 37″ Goodyear MTR on 5 15″ trail ready bead lock rims. , GM power steering box, 1995 Chevy Camaro Steering Wheel with Forever Sharp 14″ Steering Wheel, Dakota VHX Digital Gauge System, New Wiring, LED Turn Signal Lights, Optima Battery, New Carbo Seats with 5 Point Harness, Paint Custom Blend “Raptor Liner”, Goat Build 18 Gallon Fuel Cell, Aluminum radiator and more! Has current titles and tags. $37500. Call Giovanni at 760 501 6608. Indio, Calif. Click here for more pictures.

1942 Dodge WC-53 Carril 4×4 from Texas, V8 Dodge 318 engine (not run’g) and 4 spd. Includes transmission, missing radiator seats and gas tank, needs restoration, metal roof, nice rear doors, window regulators and covers, no war edges, title, $14,950.

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

1938 Cadillac Series 60S Fleetwood Special. Finished in “Chantel Blue” (paint number 8), the interior is covered in gray limousine fabric. The Sixty Special features an all-new unique body design that is three inches lower than the standard Sixty series models. Because the car sits so low, the designers ditched the standard outer running boards. Fleetwood models have a unique grille design and three sets of horizontal bars on the sides of the hood. Fleetwoods have a more rounded rear design, blending more attractively with the trunk body. This car has undergone an extensive body/frame/mechanical restoration and is beautiful from every angle. xlnt. Running 346 ci. The V-8 and three-speed column shift transmission make the car great to drive. It was driven regularly. Great white wall tires. All controllers handle windows correctly. The trunk is lined and includes a jacket with accessories. And a 640 page 1934-42 Cadillac/LaSalle parts manual with illustrations is included. With title and current license plates. $49, 500. Click here for more pictures

World War Ii Spawned It, But This 1956 Dodge Power Wagon Worked A Half Century In A Monastery

1942 Dodge WC-53 converted to a carryall pickup (conversion. back to carryall? ), orig. engine (we drove it….hooked battery and put gas in carb….started right) and mechanically complete, battle rim, 12 volt radio truck, body in xlnt condition…no cancer, windows good, orig . Has 2 front seats, bed canvas top arches, nice working door and bed floor, includes title, Price: $18,500 Click here for more pictures

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

Nice 1942 Dodge WC-53 Carroll with bottle rims. Runs and drives great!!…40 lbs. Rebuilt carburetor with oil pressure, orig. Air Cleaner, Cleaned Fuel System, Elect. heating pump These radio trucks are 12 volt systems, w/orig. generator, new battery, fair tires that hold air, all new windows, reupholstered orig. Front seats and 2

A row seat is a good source. Wooden floor, xlnt battery box. New master and wheel cylinders. Permanent steel roof installed, orig. Gauges, spare tire, new OD paint inside/outside to make it more presentable….no cancer or bad rust….very restorable, has title…..$32, 950. Click here for more pictures .

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

Dodge Wc 62 For Sale

Owner… we got it from the source. Have a buyer and a source. title, 318 V8 eng., automatic transmission, free front hubs, new orig. Has color paint, xlnt original upholstery and new carpet, radio, xlnt tires and brakes, bed liner, xlnt body…no rust, rebuilt 4 bbl carb, headers, orig. Title $28, 500. Click here for more pictures.

California West Coast “Barn Find” 1941 Dodge ½ ton WC model pickup, just over 80 years old and still in orig. Configuration….6 cyl engine, 4 spd trans, seats, bumper. Great for resto mod or restoration….steel body in excellent condition (yes bodywork needed), diamond plate bed floor, with title. $8950

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

“stripped” frame only, in xlnt condition, welded on some parts…needs to be cut off, no axles-engine-transmission-transfer case-steering mechanism, $2950 Click here for more pics

M37b1 Dodge Vietnam Us Army

1942 DODGE WC-53 CARRIEL PROJECT TRUCK, complete drive train (head off), good body, missing tailgates, install pneumatic wheels/tires for rear axle, project only for sale, #2, $6950. Click here for more images

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

Here is the complete West Coast Khalifa. WWII 1941 Dodge WC-26 ½ ton carry. A great project truck can be cleaned and run as is……or given a complete restoration. All window mechanisms are in place…with covers. The engine is not running at this time…the condition of the mechanics and electricals is unknown. Very original finish… just surface patina… some cancer on back and bottom of windshield. The upper right back of the body…needs attention (see pictures). Sold as is. Original seat. $9500

Here is a nice “Desert Fiend” 1963 Dodge M37-B1 (All Synchronous Transmission) 4×4 Power Wagon Military Weapons Carrier with optional “Arctic Hard-Top”. The top is easily removed….just unlocks. 1970 Dodge powered back with a 318 ci V-8 engine (no run, but revs). A large radiator is installed. SELECTRO Front Hubs. Data plate

Dodge Military Vehicles For Sale

Apocalypse Ready Dodge Wc53 Carryall For Sale On Bring A Trailer

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