Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance – For more than ten years, Jukebox has been producing the most beautiful and unique business cards. For our clients, adding a patterned element to a business card gives a sense of sophistication, openness and elegance that no other method can replicate. A raised pattern effect always adds a sense of class to any design.

When creating a business card, its elements are distinguished by highlighting the prominent areas of one side of the card. Many of our customers don’t realize that the reverse effect happens on the other side of the card – it’s called embossing. One of the unique aspects of this printing technique is that you can’t have a reverse effect without an embossing effect – and vice versa. So when customers come and pick up their engraved card, some worry that the impression left on the back of the card will ruin the stone look.

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

Although this is a personal preference, we like the natural effects on the back of the business card. The textured, intricate details created from the deep impression of the die-cut plates give both sides of the card an artistic look and unique feel. Ruka Rei chose to keep the openwork natural when creating the jeweler’s patterned business cards. 20 pt soft cotton fabrics with blind pattern and registered gold foil showed a deep appreciation for the sacred beauty and wildness of the Alaskan frontier. It also showed a fresh, modern and sustainable approach to Ruka.Co Jewelry, a jewelry business.

Brown Kraft Business Cards

The pull on the other side of the work is as beautiful as it is patterned, giving it a structured look.

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

With a finer action, the pattern and embossing will make a bigger impression, showing the finer details.

Covering the other side of a business card will cost more than leaving it as is. Production will also take longer.

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

Foil Business Card Printing, Custom Foil Stamp Business Cards In Los Angeles

We know that thick business cards are not appealing to most people. You’ll want to choose a thicker 2-ply card to cover the natural losses of the business card. Also, holding it once makes the set effect even more significant.

If you go for a natural look and feel, leaving the back exposed and untouched reveals the true beauty of the card.

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

Combine design and craftsmanship with the other side of the forgotten business card and showcase beauty.

D Embossed Letterpress Cards

By covering the back of the business card, the buyer only experiences half of the design and printing details. By showing both sides, the customer can fully see and appreciate all the detail and work that went into the card.

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

If you allow both sides of the business card to reveal, it means that you are using two different designs on one card. The trail is his masterpiece.

For those who do not like the drawing effect, we recommend ordering 2 business cards. Next, we’ll add another stock layer to the back of the business card to hide the embossing effect. By selecting this option, you can get more contact information and receive additional information. Remember that the more you add to your business card, the more it will cost and the more time it will take to make. Our website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide a better experience when using our website. We hope that you will be satisfied with our use of cookies as you continue to use our website. Find out how we use cookies, click here for more information on our privacy policy. Click “Allow cookies” if you accept the use of cookies, or click “Cookie Settings” to allow or block certain categories of cookies.

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

Velvet Business Cards

Our wild business cards are the perfect choice for those who want a minimalistic foil embossed business card on beautiful textured card. Available in six primary colors inspired by wild tones. Choose your cards from 15 attractive foil colors! We use only the finest sealing foil to create a beautiful and rich metal finish. Because of its structure and density, Wild is also suitable for blind deboss effects, but this stock is not suitable for digital printing.

All our printing is proudly done in the UK. We have shipped our 450 gsm business cards to over 50 countries worldwide and ship daily to the US. Contact our friendly team for shipping rates to your country. You can also calculate FedEx international shipping costs based on order weight and destination in your shopping cart.

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

A popular service we offer to our overseas clients is the 50% deposit option. The deposit allows you to cover the costs of the raw materials required for the production of the order. We then send you high resolution images. Once you’re happy to proceed, you can pay the balance and we’ll ship your order right away!

Quick Tips For Creating Effective Name Cards

High quality business card printing is our specialty. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch for a quick quote and our friendly team will see how we can help!

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

We offer volume discounts on multiple sets. Whether you need 100 business cards for two people or 20+ sets of 1000 cards, we can help! Contact us for a quick quote.

If you are interested in a specific foil color/shade that is not available online: We can order the foil from Kurz and Foilco. Contact us for quote requirements. You can also send us your pantone color and a friendly team member will find the closest foil color to you.

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

Blind Letterpress Business Cards Printing In Saigon

Consider ordering our demo package to see our work in person. Plus, you’ll get your spending back as AHC Bonus Points!

Be sure to follow the artwork guidelines/designers in the file setup guide. We’ve included blank templates below to help you create your masterpieces.

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

Need a quote for professional graphic design? Contact us for a design brief!

Unique Business Card Ideas For Professional Business Cards

Please note that the production times shown on our website are based on standard production schedules and cannot be guaranteed. If you need an item urgently, please contact us and we will do our best to adjust production schedules to meet your needs. Our ability to meet specific delivery times depends on order specifications, quantities, machine requirements, third party couriers and many other factors beyond our control.

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

The base is a coarse textured card and may not open the sealer and other boards. We recommend creating a minimal design, avoiding small fonts and complex designs.

All foil stamping is done in house at After Hours Creative. We use a combination of heat and pressure to print foil effects on scratched metal foil/plate and foil card. The foil stamping process creates a small indentation on the card when the foil is placed. The size of the indentations is decided by the foil technician. Excessive exposure may cause bleeding at foil edges or pooling between foil elements. High quality foil printing is always our priority.

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

Soft Touch Business Cards

Embossing involves placing foil (blind embossing) or making a thin indentation on the paper if foil is not available. Any press made with correction is at the discretion of the technician, as too many scratches can lead to bleed on the edges of the foil and poor quality, so we find a balance between print quality and output speed.

All wild cotton business cards are made of 450 gsm, 35% cotton, soft and natural surface. These raw materials are tones inspired by earth tones. Try the Wild Stock Colors color palette. Our talented designers have come up with business cards to knock the socks off your important customers. We provide the opportunity to create custom cards that will decorate your brand in an elegant and sophisticated style. Unlike our top cards; tissue paper, glossy extra thick, kraft and vintage materials, wood grain and metallic papers – our results will impress.

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

Inktank lets you expertly highlight all the things that make your business special with a variety of typography options. Pay attention; Foil Stamped, Embossed, Embossed, Laser Cut, Embossed, 3D Printed and Luxury Lettering Business Cards. From Melbourne to Cairns, Perth to Sydney, Brisbane to Adelaide and beyond, Australian businesses will appreciate the quality and fast turnaround of our expert team of print marketing. I’m really proud.

Silver Business Card Case

25+ cost-effective paper types available, including plain matte or gloss laminated, uncoated and woven, black and kraft, heavy-duty 600 GSM economic triple. Can’t decide which one to go with? Order your free cost-effective sample pack today and let your intuition decide.

Embossed Overnight Business Cards: Textured Elegance

One of the most popular jobs in our economy. Natural, organic raw material box

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