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Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

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The 1974 Letter To The Editor Where César Chávez And The Ufw Promoted Amnesty And Legal Residency For Undocumented Workers

Tax Information: Equal Rights Advocates is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to the ERA are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Our tax identification number is 23-7217027.

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

Find out what your rights are so you can navigate your situation and make the best decision for you.

We can provide free legal help for the following issues in California schools: gender and LGBTQI+ discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

Trans March 2023

We may be able to provide free legal help for the following issues at work or school: gender or LGBTQI+ discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination based on pregnancy or parenting .

At this time, we have not received your previous phone call request. Without embargo, you can submit a consultation request for how to click on the “Job” or “Education” links. In one of our favorite holiday season traditions, we end the year thinking about the teams we’re with. the proudest. achievements of 2022. Thanks to your donations, your emails and phone calls to legislators, your participation in events and your general support, we have much to celebrate together as we say goodbye (and good riddance) to 2022.

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

The ERA responded when the Supreme Court overturned Roe by supporting strong pro-choice policies at the state level with partners nationwide. In California, we encouraged voters to pass Proposition 1 on November 8, which clearly added the right to abortion to the California state constitution. We supported California Assembly Bill 2223, which ensures that no Californian can be investigated, prosecuted or imprisoned for terminating a pregnancy or suffering a miscarriage.

Era At Oakland Pride

We also encouraged businesses to support their employees’ right to choose by breaking their silence on the issue and covering costs for employees residing in states with access to the process in other states.

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

Our Family Voices Amplified study made national headlines, shedding light on what Black and Latinx mothers say they need more of to support their families. We spoke with more than 600 women in 16 cities across the country about child care costs, debt, generational wealth and job quality. Through surveys and table conversations, we were able to provide strong policy recommendations to federal lawmakers that represent the needs of Black and Latino families. Read the report.

Since 1974, ERA has played an important role in the development and enforcement of Title IX, representing a broad range of students in cases, and working to formally expand and clarify the definitions and the parameters of Title IX to ensure ever-increasing equity in education. In 2022, we spoke with Title IX clients from years past, as well as students and young lawyers who are now leading the way, for this powerful short film.

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

Black History Month Spotlight: Judge Ladoris Hazzard Cordell

We also continued a legacy of Title IX-led activism by organizing the submission of comments to the U.S. Department of Education on recent proposed changes to the Title IX rules, and our legal team supported courses led by students to protest the school’s lack of action. on sexual violence and harassment. This work has fueled the continued growth of ERA’s Barbara Babcock NextGen Fund, which is building a multigenerational movement to protect the education, choice, and rights of young leaders across the country.

At the federal level, we are proud to support the Speak Out Act (ending NDAs for sexual harassment claims), the Respect for Marriage Act (protecting LGBTQI+ and interracial marriage equality), Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Harssment Acts Sexual, Paycheck Equity Act, Women’s Health Protection Act. , the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, and, more recently, the Family Caregivers from Discrimination Protection Act.

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

In California, the Stronger CA ERA campaign had a very successful year, resulting in the passage of 9 new laws advancing pay equity (more on #5 below); inclusive sick and family leave for workers with select families (see #6); guaranteed bereavement leave; housing protection for survivors of domestic violence; industry standards in fast food workplaces; and more

Local And National Resources For People Living With Disabilities

From innovative new pay transparency legislation to President Biden highlighting the importance of pay equity in his State of the Union address, the issue of equal pay has had a year important in the spotlight. ERA produced the first Equal Pay Voter’s Guide with support from our Equal Pay Today coalition partners, and we have been invited to the White House twice this year to mark Equality Day of remuneration.

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

By leading 36 organizations across the country on 7 equal pay days throughout the year – Black Women’s Day, Indigenous Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and others – millions of people saw the hashtag Equality Day on social media. ERA experts have been featured on equal pay in The Washington Post, USA Today, Huffington Post, Forbes, The Hill, PBS, Univision, Ebony, Teen Vogue, and more.

We are proud to sponsor, lobby and organize support for California Assembly Bill 1041, which takes effect January 1, 2023. It expands leave law to include certain family members , which means that workers can take time off to care for someone who is sick. person. someone who does not fit the traditional definition of immediate family. This particularly benefits LGBTQI workers and those living in extended families, including immigrants and/or unpaid workers.

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

Women Of The Century Civil Rights: Blm Founders, Activists Make List

We also led the Congressional email effort in support of the federal Respect for Marriage Act, which protects the marriage rights of same-sex couples and married individuals.

High school students across the country are gathering in their classrooms to protest their schools’ inadequate response to incidents of sexual harassment and assault. ERA was proud to support these students by inviting them to our first Hometown Protectors Roundtable, where we brought together students from different high schools to talk about the challenges and accomplishments of being Title Activists IX in their schools, sharing ideas and supporting each other.

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

We also advocated and organized alongside students for a traditional move away from conversations about sexual violence, co-hosted our first listening sessions at historically black colleges and universities with our friends at End Rape on Campus, and submitted an official comment at the U.S. Department of Education. demand stronger protections for transgender students.

Top 10 Gender Justice Moments Of 2022

Prepare your tissues… Right? Only U.S? Well, there’s nothing we can do about it. We love our customers very much:

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

Our leaders always welcome the opportunity to share our thought leadership with a wider audience through media interviews:

Harvey Weinstein: “In his experience, he said, Weinstein’s growing defenses are becoming less relevant to jurors. ‘It’s a tactic as old as time,’ he said. ‘If the #MeToo movement has done anything, it’s really burst into this area.’ .'” – Executive Director Noreen Farrell of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

Equal Rights Advocates: Donate To Support Gender Justice For All

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp: “We represent ordinary people, and now they’re the ones who are constantly under threat. As soon as you say you’re a survivor, you’re afraid of defamation.” – Senior Attorney Maha Ibrahim at Mother Jones

“What we like to say is: ‘Pay us more and earn us less’. It’s not just about harassment, it’s the whole system that values ​​the work of women. When the work of Women are valued as they should be, so women have options.” – Noreen Farrell at 19

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

“It is not surprising, and by design, that this policy harms women of color and low-wage working women, thereby exacerbating existing economic inequalities.” –Noreen Farrell of Ebony

Community Resources For Help With Disability Justice

“The model that I work in as an advocate is the empowerment model, which says we really want to empower survivors. So what happens when we have these NDAs is that we further limit the power of the survivor to decide which path is best for them, how and when they want to share their story, communicate with others, engage in a plea, and all. it’s not great. » – Attorney Kel O’Hara at Prism

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

“Every election year is important, but it’s really a matter of life and death, I would say conservatively. This is it… If we don’t want our freedom, our health care, our child care, our wages to be stolen from us, I think now is the time to come forward. ” – Delia Coleman on NBC

“Impartial judges do not need to take political ideology into account; they just need to look at these issues in their real context…A competent, pragmatic, consensus-seeking Justice Jackson will take the case to the Supreme Court and it will be better for her. –Noreen Farrell of the Miami Times

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

Diverse Leaders In Law: Life At Work, Civil Rights For Lgbtq+ Workers

“The pandemic has revealed with devastating clarity not only the bias against caregivers, but also the lack of structure that then fuels those biases. So the idea that you can go back into the workforce, understand your worth, and understand what your male colleagues are doing – It’s just critical. -Noreen Farrell of Teen Vogue

We were thrilled to hear two girls who spent a weekend selling lemonade sent a surprise donation to our organization, along with this message.

Equal Rights Advocates San Francisco

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