How To Choose Foundation Online

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How To Choose Foundation Online

How To Choose Foundation Online

Makeup artists are trained to recognize subtle variations in skin tone to choose the right foundation for you. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a makeup artist in our back pocket and have to choose the right foundation shade ourselves. The task of choosing the right foundation can seem even more difficult online. The same shade of foundation may look different on each device screen. The way it’s captured can also make the underlying look different on your device than it looks in person. That’s why Juvia’s Place created a simple, clear foundation shade finder to help women of all skin tones find the perfect full coverage foundation. Juvia’s Place offers 42 unique skin powder combinations to help every woman find the perfect foundation for full coverage.

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All skin tones are unique and beautiful, subtle and complex, and often change from the neck to the cheekbones. Choosing the right foundation for your skin tone online can seem daunting, but it’s actually very simple and only requires a little self-examination of the unique color that expresses your epidermis, or outer layer of skin.

How To Choose Foundation Online

Before using Juvia’s Place Foundation Shade Finder, you should check your skin tone first. Your undertone is actually the key to choosing the right foundation for your skin tone. Skin tone is usually divided into “cool”, “warm” and “neutral”. In Juvia’s Place, we have added an additional tone category – “Olives”. These terms represent the colors that enter your skin and affect the overall tone or appearance of your skin. And these tones can be present in all shades of skin, from the darkest to the lightest. A “cool” tone has bluish or pinkish hints. “Warm” tones give the skin a yellow, peachy or golden appearance. Skin under the influence of an “olive” tone will have hints of green or gray, but they can also be “cool” or “neutral”. “Neutral” does not give an obvious tone, but the natural skin color is more obvious.

You can set your tone in a number of ways. You really want to look at the area of ​​the skin that is least exposed to the sun and therefore probably not damaged by the sun. The armpit is one of those places where it is often easier to see a lower skin tone. You can also check your veins.

How To Choose Foundation Online

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Does your skin look a little bluish or purple? If so, your undertone is probably “cool.” Those with “green” veins are likely to be “warm” in tone. An “olive” tone can reveal greenish or bluish veins, but they are also difficult to distinguish, as with a “neutral” tone.

In addition, you can recognize your tone by studying how your skin behaves in the sun and how certain colors suit you. People with “cool” undertones often look better in silver than in gold jewelry. Their skin rarely blackens, but burns easily. They also look good in blue, pink and red. Those with “warm” undertones look best in gold jewelry, and look best in gold, yellow, and peach.

How To Choose Foundation Online

“Olive” tones look best in bronze and bronze, and their skin burns easily and rarely burns. People with a “neutral” tone have the privilege of looking great in both gold and silver jewelry, and look best in blue or green.

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He is! Our foundation shade finder will find your perfect shade of foundation for coverage. Juvia’s Place prides itself on being an inclusive brand. Our unique “I Am Magic Velvety Matte Foundation” comes in 42 unique shades, scientifically formulated to suit all skin tones. We’ve helped thousands of women find the perfect full coverage foundation. We also offer expertly formulated concealers, easy-to-use eyeshadow sticks, highlighters and blushes that look gorgeous on even the darkest of skin tones. Confused when buying foundation online? Don’t know which shade of foundation is right for you? relax! We’ve got your back!

How To Choose Foundation Online

We know that foundation can be the hardest beauty product to buy, especially online when there are so many different products available online.

Opt for a long-lasting and matte foundation if your T-zone is oily by noon. The T-zone is the part of your face that includes the forehead, nose and chin. Avoid buying oil-based foundations because your skin’s T-zone is already oily. Use “aqua” ingredients in foundation shades.

How To Choose Foundation Online

How To Pick Your Foundation Shade Online

If your skin is prone to dry patches, use a foundation based on a hydrating and brightening formula that contains additional antioxidants and nutrients. The ingredients in these powders help increase moisture and hydrate the skin.

Choose a light, mineral-based foundation if you have acne-prone skin. The mineral-based powder is formulated without alcohol, preservatives, talc or fragrance—making it perfect for blemish-prone skin.

How To Choose Foundation Online

Skin tone is related to the color of your skin. There are different types of foundation depending on your skin tone.

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If your skin color is light, you belong to the white category. People in this category can choose colors like porcelain, ivory, sand, etc.

How To Choose Foundation Online

If your skin is medium, you belong to the general (mostly Indian) category, regardless of the region in which you live. You can choose colors like beige, natural, honey and gold etc.

If your skin tone is dark as in the dark African category, you can choose cool golden, warm almond, walnut, chestnut, espresso, etc.

How To Choose Foundation Online

Pave The Way

The next step is to find out your skin tone. An undertone is an accent color that enters the skin below its surface.

You need to check whether you have a cool, neutral or warm tone. There are two tests you can do to find out about your skin tone.

How To Choose Foundation Online

Pay attention to the blending of foundation shades. One shade of foundation will not be suitable all year round if you sunbathe. You can mix the two shades and thin them with moisturizer and hydrating concealer to add shine.

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Adjust according to the season. In the summer, your skin darkens a bit, so reach for darker shades. The skin is pale in winter. Thus, in winter, you can use an oil or cream-based foundation.

How To Choose Foundation Online

The choice of foundation also depends on your trustworthiness of the brand. So the next step is to find a reliable brand.

You can narrow down the selection of brands according to your choice. You may prefer beautiful packaging, cruelty-free vegan products, organic ingredients or preservative-free brands.

How To Choose Foundation Online

How To Match Your Foundation Shade Online

In the next step, you will know that for the first time you have purchased a small version of the original shade of the trial foundation.

If you are in doubt about the chosen foundation shade, first buy a travel kit or a sampler set before buying the foundation.

How To Choose Foundation Online

Special thanks to the beauty community for providing so many valuable videos, customer pictures, and even online tools to help you find your perfect foundation shade online.

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Findation and Temptalia are two commonly used online tools available for choosing the right foundation. When using these tools, your existing foundation shade will be your starting point.

How To Choose Foundation Online

The search lists all possible matches in brands that are available using the foundation matrix. Temptalia works just like a swatch tool, but also allows you to compare colors for other eyeshadows, blushes and lip products.

You can check online customer reviews or pictures shared by users as feedback. You can even watch review videos on YouTube. Be sure to shop on the return policy pages.

How To Choose Foundation Online

Photo Foundation Perfect Glow

You have now learned about the factors to consider when buying a fund online. Using these step-by-step processes, you can find the most suitable shade for you.

What other problems do you face when buying powder online? We will be happy to solve your problems.

How To Choose Foundation Online

The content is not medical advice or a substitute for professional medical care, diagnosis or treatment. Visit a medical professional for a personalized consultation. See more information.

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Anand Park, A Wing, 3rd Floor, Room No, 17, Chinchwad – Akurdi Link Rd, Jyotiba Nagar, Talwade, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411033, India Globally, millions of women ask, “What shade of foundation am I wearing?” Here, experts tell us how to determine the correct skin tone (and undertone) and how to choose the right foundation online.

How To Choose Foundation Online

Your skin tone is actually how dark or light your skin is, depending on the amount of melanin in it. There are three basic skin tones: light, medium and dark. Undertone refers to the different shades below the surface of your skin.

People with light hair and light eyes often have cool or neutral skin tones.

How To Choose Foundation Online

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