Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting – At about 36 weeks pregnant with my second baby, I admit I went to a screening of What to Expect When You’re Expecting a little crazy. Having already experienced the highs and lows associated with two very different pregnancies, I was ready to roll my eyes at the new faces on the screen, including Cameron Diaz and Elizabeth Banks, who finally realize that — she says! – Growing (or) raising) a baby doesn’t always go according to plan.

But if there’s one thing I learned from watching this unexpectedly beautiful film that ended up tearing me apart (which I can only partially blame on pregnancy hormones) it’s this: pregnancy and parenting aren’t all about me. Sure, pregnant moms take on the brunt of pregnancy—and can sometimes handle more than 50 percent of baby care—but most dads deserve a big break, too.

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

Enter The Friends, a group of movie dads who armed themselves with Baby Bjorns, bottles, teethers and toys every Saturday at a local park. friends who call themselves

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For dads, “take a completely different approach to parenting than your hyper-vigilant wives and female peers—and that’s where we can all learn a thing or two. Here’s what we learned:

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

Don’t talk about what you’re walking on. The Dudes’ “First Rule” is one to live by – what happens on the playground stays on the playground. The dads aren’t afraid to ostracize anyone who breaks this rule—notably, Jennifer Lopez’s on-screen husband Rodrigo Santoro, who lets one of The Dudes call his son Henry instead of the voice-over Honor. The Frenchman has his sour cream while his wife does not. It’s not around. Let’s face it: sometimes a little solidarity is necessary.

Parenting Approach Dads are often the ones who give kids a longer leash, which means they sometimes get into more trouble. The “viewers” unapologetically claim that their children have done everything from smoking cigarettes to swimming in the toilet – and none of them deludedly think they are superior parents to other failed parents. It’s a great reminder to moms that no one benefits from being judged.

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

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There is nothing ready. We all know more or less that there is no way to be perfectly prepared for parenthood, but that doesn’t stop some moms-to-be from trying to get the last few things under control before the baby is born. Chris Rock’s devoted father pretty much sums it up, advising, “Just jump on the moving train and try not to die.” Wise advice for mothers and fathers.

You don’t know true love until you wipe someone’s butt. It’s often said that parenting is what shows you the meaning of unconditional love, and this gem from one of The Dudes is simply true. These fathers are far from ideal, but they love their children more than anything. Where are the children from? If you don’t want your kids to know the answer, you can just direct them to “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” because a young viewer will come across it without a clue.

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

Or you can provide a summary: Sometimes when mom and dad are really into each other (or talking after a few drinks on a warm evening), a certain music starts playing. Then mom poops, pees on the stick (not always that way), gets really big and starts screaming. The father puts on a cute blue hat, the doctor carefully looks at the mother’s knees, and a few minutes later a nurse comes in with a baby. Everyone – except the baby – cries.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting

Including this referee. I can also admit that I have a soft spot (fontanel?) for the emotional representation of pregnancy and birth. And while I may seem physiologically unqualified to judge the validity of “what to expect,” I have read the source material, Heidi Murkoff’s bestseller. Usually, as I recall, in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. The movie version is not scary at all.

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

Chris Rock, left, and Rodrigo Santoro learn about fatherhood in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Credit… Melissa Mosley/Lionsgate

That’s because Ms. Murkoff’s book and the Kirk Jones-directed film, based on a screenplay by Shauna Cross and Heather Hach, have diametrically opposed goals, despite their obvious thematic similarities. In print, “What to Expect” enacts a confusing ritual, plunging the mother-to-be into a world of anxiety, warning, and hostile judgment, delivered with a reassuring smile.

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

The Second City

Like, “Are you mommy enough?” The now famous Time magazine. Cover, this book is a sign that birth, far from being a simple biological process, belongs to a culture that thrives on complexity, competition and commodification. We seem to be especially good at inventing and marketing new ways for women to feel bad about themselves and resent each other.

By contrast, movies—at least the commercial ensemble comedies released by Hollywood studios—are designed to feel good, promote harmony, and optimism. Of course, it also has complications: if “What to Expect” had an index after the end credits, it included cases of incontinence, infertility, gas and abortion. But the general mood is relaxing, and some of them are even downright funny.

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

“What to Expect” focuses on five couples, four in Atlanta and one in Los Angeles. Some of the connections between them are revealed in passing and are set up to provide an example of the variety of reproductive experience. They are all honest and none of them are poor, yet they go about their business in fun and different ways.

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New York Times film critics on “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” “The Color Wheel” and “Battleship.”

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison are celebrities trying to turn a tabloid-ready affair into a supportive relationship. Ms. Diaz’s character, a TV fitness guru, is unwilling to let her condition interfere with her career, which creates predictable pressures. Photographer and music producer Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro get ready. He is a little reluctant.

Elizabeth Banks, owner of a maternity store and author of a children’s picture book about breasts, wants to embrace the “glow” of pregnancy, but is met with more discomfort and insults. Her husband, Ben Falcone, is caught in a lifelong rivalry with his father (Dennis Quaid), a leather-clad retired race car driver whose hot young wife (Brooklyn Decker) is carrying twins.

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

Secrets About What To Expect When You’re Expecting

Apart from Mr. Quaid, there are no members of the grandparents’ generation around. The younger crowd is represented by Chace Crawford and Anna Kendrick, former high school sweethearts who run competing food trucks.

After all, food trucks seem to have replaced yoga classes as an easy, almost modern contemporary reference to use in romantic comedies. (See also: “Five-year engagement.”) Enough already. On the other hand, it’s always funny to see a bunch of guys with babies strapped to their chests. The word vagina is the same. This means that if a man says “vagina” with a baby attached to his chest, it’s by definition the funniest thing ever. The screenwriters seem to think so, anyway.

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

And if that person is Chris Rock, that might be true. Mr. Rock appears as the leader of a “man gang” of dads who gather in the park for macho playdates. They provide little recognition for audiences whose relationship with pregnancy is as witness, helper, and proximate cause. They also serve those who just sit and say:

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“What to Expect When You’re Expecting” is rated PG-13 (parents strongly cautioned). Less sex than you expect.

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

A version of this article appears in print in , section C, page 13 of the New York edition under the title: Delivery of Babies by Book (Dedicated). Reprint order Today’s article Comedy drama subscription based on the non-fiction pregnancy guide of the same name, which focuses on the lives of five couples and their…

Comedy drama based on the non-fiction pregnancy guide of the same name, which focuses on the lives of five couples and their initiation into parenthood. The all-star cast includes Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Rock and Anna Kendrick.

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

Prime Video: What To Expect When You’re Expecting

TV fitness guru Jules (Diaz) and dance show star Evan (Matthew Morrison) find that high-octane celebrity life doesn’t stand a chance against the demands of pregnancy. Writer and crazy child advocate Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) tastes her own advice on motherly militancy. While her husband (Ben Falcone) tries not to get caught by his competitive alpha father who is expecting twins with his heroine wife (Brooklyn Decker).

Photographer Holly (Lopez) is ready to travel the world to adopt, but her husband Alex (Rodrigo Santoro) is not, and he tries to ease her panic by joining a “male” support group. As rival food truck chefs Rosie (Kendrick) and Marco (Chase Crawford) form an unlikely alliance: What to do when your first child arrives before your first date?

Watch What To Expect When You Re Expecting

What to Expect While You’re Waiting is available to stream… more information in New Zealand now on Google Play, Prime Video, Apple TV Store and

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