Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars – Spring sees a revival in classic car purchases, as nostalgic enthusiasts purchase historic convertibles for summer drives through the countryside or trips to the continent.

Classic cars will never be the most practical cars for regular use, but there are models that are relatively cheap to purchase, easy to maintain and hardly depreciate in value.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

Car insurance costs and road tax can also be very low, and if you own a car registered before 1972, there is no road tax at all.

A Tour Of Mazda’s Obscure Classic Car Collection

MGBs were very popular at the time and remain one of Britain’s most accessible classic cars, easy to repair and many models available today have been extensively restored by loving owners.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

The hardtop GT is generally regarded as a good ‘starter classic’ and is less popular as a summer convertible than the convertible Roadster, but is also generally cheaper than its soft-top cousins.

GT owners also have the added honor of driving a car that Sergio Pininfarina had a hand in creating. The design house, famous for helping to design generations of Ferraris, was commissioned by MG to develop the GT’s revolutionary sloping roof, combining coupe styling with practical hatchbacks.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

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The MGB GT went on sale this week for £15,000, with just 2,500 miles on the odometer, but a good guide price would be £3,000 – £7,000.

The first Triumph Spitfires, designed in honor of the Spitfire fighter, appeared at the London Motor Show in 1962 and remained in production until 1980.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

Like many cars of the era, classic Spitfires are at risk of rust building up on the floorboards and sills, which can be very expensive to repair. The hood and headlight section are especially susceptible to rust.

Best Classic Cars Of All Time: Top Vintage (2023)

The Defender was produced between 1948 and 2016, and many Land Rover enthusiasts were shocked to see the last classic form of the Defender roll off the production line in Solihull in January last year.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

Land Rover has promised a new, albeit radically different, design for the Defender this year, and British startup Ineos plans to build a “spiritual successor” to the original model.

While you wait for a new model, the used Defender market may be a place to turn. They usually cost between £3,000 and £8,000, and prices vary widely depending on the extent of the change. Over the years, many Defender owners have upgraded their cars with better tires, suspension and lighting fixtures, creating unique cars optimized for different driving conditions.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

Best Cheap Classic Cars 2022

On the other hand, like many other rural vehicles, Defenders can take a lot of abuse in everyday use, so it’s wise to thoroughly inspect your potential vehicle.

The Mini was a revolutionary design for its time, originally conceived in the depths of the Suez Canal fuel crisis as an efficient city car.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

Between 1959 and 2000, 5.3 million Minis were produced, rolling off the production line under successive owners Austin, British Leyland and Rover.

The Eight Best Triumph Road Cars (list)

It was the best-selling British car of all time, and there’s a lot to get for a fair, if steadily rising, price. £3000-8000 should be enough for a reliable model and can be a good investment.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

The last Jaguars to catch the attention of the company’s famous founder, Sir William Lyons, were large Jaguar sedans. The Coventry-based company used the Daimler brand to launch the range-topping XJ, which was named Daimler Sovereign.

These days they have a reputation for being expensive to maintain, and parts and service are probably more of a burden than most of the cars on this list.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

Cars That Refuse To Die

Designed as a successor to the popular Jaguar E-Type, the company surprised many with the appearance of the XJ-S when it was first launched.

Today the car has a growing fan base, with prices ranging from £6,000 to £20,000 depending on the size of the engine and its condition.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

Initially intended as Europe’s answer to the Ford Mustang, it proved to be a huge success for Ford in Britain. Many examples were produced, with prices today ranging from £5,000 to £20,000 for an example in good condition.

Starter Classics: The Best First Classic Car To Buy

Designed as an inexpensive two-seater sports car, the Midget is not a suitable purchase for tall people, but is a practical purchase for owners with fewer head and leg requirements. Produced between 1961 and 1980, earlier versions with chrome bumpers attracted more attention and higher prices than later models with rubber bumpers.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

Like the larger MGB GT and Roadster models, the Midget’s continued popularity is helped by the availability of cheap parts from MGOC and Moss Europe, as well as a reasonable purchase price: around £3,000 to £7,000.

Regularly referred to as the first of the ‘hot hatches’, the Golf GTI is a great success in its class, even though the Renault 5 Alpine and Alfa Romeo Alfasud are also competing for the title of ‘first hot hatch’.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

Cheap Classic Cars You Can Buy In 2023

The GTI’s cult status has evolved over time, as has its cost of ownership. For a Mark I you’ll have to pay around £20,000.

With a production line spanning five generations, the Cortina family is experiencing something of a renaissance among classic car enthusiasts, with notable owners such as John Culshaw indulging their 1970s nostalgia with a series of Cortina purchases.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

Prices for the Mk1 Lotus Cortina have gone the same way as Sierra Cosworths, putting them out of reach for most enthusiasts. Prices vary widely between different brands, but you can usually expect to pay around £5,000-8,000 for a good model.

Affordable & Reasonably Priced Ferraris For First Time Collectors

James May’s “amphibious” Herald adventures brought the stylish two-seater to national attention in 2006. Like some other small British classics of the period, convertible versions are in greater demand than hardtop or estate versions.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

There’s a reason why so many of these cars are still around: they have a well-deserved reputation for indestructibility. Many of these cars are offered for less than €1,000, but a budget of €2,000 is safer.

It’s a “practical, inexpensive classic with relatively simple mechanics”, according to the Porsche 924 Owners Club, which recommends looking for models priced between £2,000 and £4,000.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

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The Swedish carmaker is known for its safe and reliable cars and started production of the Saab 900 in 1978. Today you can expect a good example for a price between £2,000 and £6,000.

Produced between 1970 and 1978, the Stag was a luxury car from Triumph, powered by a V8 engine and designed by Italian car designer Giovanni Michelotti. Sean Connery’s favorite car in Diamonds is Forever, the Stag is a popular car with a loyal following.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

It is believed that around 9,000 deer still exist in Britain, many of which have been restored by their enthusiastic owners.

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Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

The 1960s Jaguar E-Type, called “the most beautiful car ever” by Enzo Ferrari, is a mainstay of classic sports cars. “If you only choose one car from this list to drive, this is the car,” said McKeel Haggerty, CEO of Haggerty, the world’s largest provider of auto insurance. This part of British motoring history is still alive and well and can travel at up to 150mph. And better brakes than most cars of that era. Visit the Jaguar Heritage Drive Experience program in Kenilworth, UK, where you can pay for a day of driving the brand’s classic cars.

The Chevy Corvette, the emblem of the Big Three muscle car, is the most collected car in America. The second generation, which ran from 1963 to 1967, is “the most iconic American car ever,” says Keith Martin, publisher of

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

Greatest Ever Mazda Cars: Classic And Modern

. “It’s still breathtaking and fresh today.” There are still first-generation Corvettes in the United States, so for bargains you can look to auctions, collector car dealers, and websites like

Considered by some to be the sexiest car ever built, the Miura debuted in 1966 as a sleek, fast mid-engine car designed to challenge Ferrari. “The Miura experience goes beyond the driving experience and becomes a life experience,” says Haggerty. “If the sound of six carburetors feeding a thirsty, trembling V-12 engine moored behind your head isn’t enough, this might also be the most beautiful car ever produced.” To purchase one, contact the Lamborghini Club America or an auction house such as RM Sotheby’s or Gooding & Co. They are usually familiar with cars before they reach the general market.

Best Affordable Classic Sports Cars

The Porsche 911 in particular represents classic driving at its best

An Introduction To Classic British Sports Cars

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