Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers – Law school for non-lawyers is back – with a twist! As we battle COVID-19, you can only hope that LSNL will do its best this year to keep participants and volunteer teachers as safe as possible. The Scheduling and Logistics Challenge of the past – for volunteer lawyers and interested attendees – is now at the click of a button.

Organized in partnership with Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood and York Technical College in Rock Hill, participants can expect the same high-quality courses as last year. LSNL is designed to provide members of the public with an introduction and review of the South Carolina court system and many laws.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

Due to the nature of the course, the actors are no longer tied to their physical location – which means, for example, the district attorney of Florence can offer the LSNL course in collaboration with Piedmont Tech. Instead of committing to many aspects – hours of travel, planning dinners, conflicting childcare schedules – virtual LSNL provides volunteers with an invisible flexibility for face-to-face change. Now, all you need is a computer with a camera and microphone and reliable internet access.

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If you are interested in volunteering for a law school for non-lawyers, contact Cindy Coker at ccoker@ or 803-576-3797. Academics run from September to November. Contracts, negotiations, human resources and copyright are all legal issues that regularly arise during the workday, and developing an understanding in these areas will be of great benefit to your work environment.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

In fact, some working professionals do not have the time or opportunity to attend law school on top of their education. But you don’t enroll in a JD program to further your legal knowledge — many prospective students choose to earn a specialized certificate instead.

USC Gould School of Law offers several certifications for non-lawyers, whether you work in business, media, finance, health care, or other fields. Below, we have compiled seven that will help you grow in your chosen industry.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

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With the Business Law Certificate, students learn how to apply legal concepts to business matters and develop the skills to represent organizations in various aspects of business development.

The study focuses on understanding and drafting contracts, improving negotiation skills, gaining working knowledge of the principles of commercial law, security principles and more.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

You can earn a business law certificate from USC Gould in three semesters. It can be obtained as a standalone certificate, and concurrently with your Master of Studies in Law (MSL) or Master of Laws (LLM).

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To start a certificate program, you don’t need to take the LSAT or have prior knowledge of law.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

In the Compliance Certificate program, students are trained to implement compliance principles and programs in the workplace. They will also learn how compliance affects many areas including business, government, healthcare, labor law and more.

Critical thinking skills, understanding of legal terms and practical knowledge of compliance are emphasized during the coursework.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

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This certification is completed in three semesters and does not require prior legal experience or LSAT scores. Students can earn a standalone certificate or earn it concurrently in an MSL or LLM program.

If you’re interested in reducing your focus on admissions, USC Gould also offers financial admissions certificates. This program provides students with a greater understanding of financial compliance and regulations for financial institutions at home and abroad.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

Classes focus on business ethics, corporate governance, financial industry ethics, contract drafting, security ethics and more. Students will leave with confidence in their ability to review financial risk management policies and review legal documents.

Legal Research For Non Lawyers

The Finance Admissions Certificate program, which you can complete in three semesters, can be taken independently or within the MSL or LLM degree track. No prior legal experience and no LSAT scores are required for admission.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

Compliance is an important concept to understand for many employers, including those who work for hospitals, clinics and health insurance providers. Those in health-related occupations may consider obtaining a medical certification to better understand the laws, regulations, and policies that govern the field.

Students take a variety of courses covering health care law and regulation, business and financial management in the health care industry, regulatory frameworks, the history of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and implementation patient privacy policy.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

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The medical admissions certificate can be completed in three semesters. You do not need to take the LSAT to earn this certification. No prior legal knowledge is required. Students pursuing their MSL or LLM degrees can access this course along with their program.

One of the main responsibilities of the human resources officer is to ensure that the company follows the right laws and regulations. So, getting certified in Human Resources Law and Compliance is good for anyone who wants to advance their career in HR.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

Students will not only have a thorough understanding of labor law, but also the skills to have a good conversation with the workers and to analyze the legal documents.

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The Certificate in Human Resource Law and Recruitment, which you can complete in three semesters, can be taken independently or earned concurrently with the MSL and LLM degree programs. No legal knowledge or LSAT scores are required for admission.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

Issues related to copyright, trademark, and the First Amendment arise all the time for those in the entertainment and media fields. Therefore, a working knowledge of the legal system can be of great benefit to anyone working in the entertainment industry.

In the Entertainment and Industry Law Certificate program, students take a variety of courses to better understand the legal and business aspects that come with creating digital media, how to work with art and actors. what, and how to communicate. Opening TV shows and movies. Contact understanding and intellectual property laws are also explored in these classes.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

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Students can earn a Certificate in Entertainment Law and Industry in just three semesters. No prior legal experience and no LSAT scores are required for admission. The certificate can be earned independently or concurrently with an MSL or LLM program.

With growing concerns about internet privacy and cyber security, privacy laws have become important. Those who sign up to the Privacy Policy and Cybersecurity certification program will be better equipped to protect both business and personal data.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

Students will learn about cyber crimes such as hacking and data phishing and legal procedures to manage them. They understand global privacy laws, how to minimize risks when handling data, and how to apply privacy laws in different jurisdictions.

Law For Non Lawyers

The Privacy and Cyber ​​​​Security Certificate is offered as a standalone program or can be completed concurrently while earning your MSL or LLM. No prior knowledge of the law or LSAT scores are required to apply for the program. This website uses cookies, including third parties, to analyze how people use our website and improve our experience and services. By continuing to use our website, you accept the use of such cookies. Click here for more information about our cookie policy and privacy policy.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

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2-day training. Unforgettable review of the various legal aspects of business exposure: focus on the practical & practical steps to be taken to ensure the use of liabilities & exclusions & risks to improve business decisions, productivity & performance. .

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

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This process starts with commercial law, legal regulations, contracts, harassment in the business environment, consumer laws such as consumer and competition laws, and fraudulent and fraudulent practices. It also examines the different types of business entities and the laws that govern their operations.

This series continues to examine business property and intellectual property, insurance, privacy, employment law, crime and fraud in the business environment, and the burden and risk to organizations arising from computer business.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

This course is important for all those involved in the management and operation of businesses. This can be from a non-legal professional or a business manager who focuses on all aspects of law, not just contracts.

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This is a great review course for those who study business law at university and will benefit from a refresher that specifically applies to the legal framework to their specific business situation. It will also be useful for those who have attended our contract law course and want to broaden their knowledge of the law and the circumstances applied.

Legal Courses For Non Lawyers

Cost-effective, one of the biggest benefits of in-house training for our clients is the opportunity to organize and customize the content, delivery methods and exercises of their training sessions.

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